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Blog 009 "GMC 9300" et "Feuill'Art"

Published on 06/12/2020

(VIDEO CLIP)  Here is the detailed description of two of my edits from my "Exclusive Click" series.

"GMC 9300" is through its metal, a presentation linking the rustic of its noble materials of wood to the contemporary trend of the use of metal. The photo of this old farm truck, printed on a brushed aluminum with changing reflections, gives it back its letters of nobility.

"Feuill'Art" for its part, in another approach, a forest of trees diffused, like stained glass windows of cathedrals interspersed with silhouettes of branches, printed under a sheet of acrylic with a shimmering reflection in contemporary looks, is softened by the positioning of the latter, on two large planks of raw hemlock wood, allowing the grain of the wood to be felt.