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Blog 011 Bow Bridge The secret behind

Published on 13/12/2020

From the "Black Eye" Series

Located in Central Park in New York City, it was the park's first cast iron bridge and the second oldest in America.Long and low in the water, the graceful Bow Bridge resembles the bow of an archer or a violinist. Built between 1859 and 1862, it was not part of the original park design, but was added later to provide a direct route from Cherry Hill to the Ramble.I must specify that the majority of my Clicks are photographed because the moment, the scene, the atmosphere speaks to me, attracts me, intrigues me ... and it is only after that I search the web for find the details of my subject there.Bow Bridge is no exception. On a rainy day in early fall, walking under an umbrella with my sweetheart, this bridge appears to me before my eyes, the lighting is perfect, and moreover almost no crowd, just a few .... .. we can see the small drops of rain on the water and to the left of the bridge I kept the passers-by who arrived discreetly with their blue umbrellas, I also erased two others who were on the bridge, and a little secret , a small detail of this photo, under the bridge, in the small kiosk at the back, two people were there and disturbed my composition, so I erased them, then rebuilt the wooden ramp. But I still kept the reflection of their green and orange clothes on the water.

Handcrafted in Canada

From my series Black Eye  BE/ARC/003 Bow Bridge   39.95$ CAD


The "Black Eye" Series: Each photo is printed with the highest industry quality by a fine art printer using archival Epson pigment inks and on museum quality Fine Art paper. Frame made locally from solid Canadian ash stained in charcoal black. Ready to be installed. Dimensions: (12 "x10" x2 ") - (30cm x 25cm x 5cm)

 The full size photo, available for other printing styles.