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Blog 014 "Mots d'hiver ou Maux divers ?"

Published on 24/12/2020

"WINTERNESS"  (Google translate)

The forests of February still sleep deeply,

And may the songs of the gusts envelop me,

Its thousand colors hidden under the white horizons,

Intoxicate my thoughts with my memories of May.                                

            ©Robert Séguin

The beauty of the spaces between the whites of winter and the blacks of the branches inspire me the zenitudes of the cold of February. Lost doing nothing, living in ink in a row far from Beauce, away from the fires of big cities, where the air smells liberty and time stopped. No matter where on earth, "Papa was a rolling stone, where ever he laid his hat was is home" .......

            ©Robert Séguin

From my series: Little H'Art


Handcrafted in Canada                                

Little H'ART 14'' x 11'' /  35,5cm x 28cm.  ART Fordable....... High quality prints at an affordable price.   A new unique and original series of my photography prints on a Fine Art quality paper, with a white mat, hand signature and title.   Frame not included.