Blog 016 "One Tree"

Published on 26/12/2020

Series Black Eye,  BE/NAT/007 "ONE TREE"

"One Tree"

One Tree standing on a hill  like a King,

Honored to be the tallest in nature, 

One Tree dazzled by the light of  heavens,

The only Tree, standing along on a hill,

Greener than green, stronger than strength,

One last Tree, standing along on a hill,

Looking at a ray of light for is last fight.

          ©Robert Séguin

"One Tree"     (Google translate)

On a rural road in the Outaouais, almost at dusk, a divine ray lands on the Tree of the Hill. Landscape of greenery, the latter united, little provided, only a few leaves still hanging on the rare branches, like a last cry of Au Secour, just like a last survivor of the fight against Goliath. And this Sky, Majestic, like a Requiem, like the stage curtain which closes, will there be a reminder?

It often happens to me to find myself in front of scenes of nature which inspires me to wonder about the presence of humans on our planet !! To imagine what the abundance of nature would be without our presence? But the mood or the atmosphere of my Click is a simple reflection to wonder, with our excess of overconsumption, how many generations will be left to live the goodnesses that this good old earth offers us for free. How many branches are left in our family tree?

The title could also have been "One, Two, Three, Gone"