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Blog #022 "I WILL SURVIVE" : one last wink at the end of 2020

Published on 29/12/2020


Like a hymn to hope, like an internal conviction, a goal to be achieved, this simplistic photo captured on the shores of Lake Simcoe, Ontario's largest freshwater lake. A new tree sprout emerging from a rotting stump caught my eye, nature's survival force at its best.

This take treated in black and white except the regrowth of greenery highlighted by its lively coloring of greens and reds, moreover I had to present it in my series "Black Eye", Black for the black outline, and Eye for my eye In the center. This series that I really appreciate, because a title or a text is always part of my final product. Writing gives it a strength, a reason for living, a must to understand my approach. Imagine this "I WILL SURVIVE" without its text, it would not have the same effect, moreover, almost all of my works when exhibited, have a text affixed nearby to explain my vision, my emotion, the atmosphere of it. Certainly like a good old Charlie Chaplin silent movie, they don't need words, only the visual is necessary to understand the message, while other films without text would be incomprehensible and we would never understand the message or the vision. of the author.



''Black Eye'' Series is printed on PREMIUM ARTCHIVAL paper for high quality reproduction, acid-free for longer life with pigmented inks. Frame made of charcoal black stained Canadian ash. Ready to be installed.  Sizes: (12"x10"x2") - (30cm x 25cm x 5cm)

Handcrafted in Canada