Blog #034 Bric-À-Branches

Published on 16/01/2021

"Bric-À-Branches"  (Google translate)

Photo taken during a snowshoe walk in the forests of Mont Tremblant in Quebec.

Bric-à-Branches is my poetry written with my puns between my invented language and the reality of the word Bric-à-brac, which determines a jumble, a cluster of objects. A language a bit like my childhood memories watching Salvador Dali who liked to express himself masterfully, also a hint of the world of Marc Favreau (our national Sol), and why not a grain of François Pérusse at times. ....

These elm leaves, even dry, still hung on their branches, as if not to leave their places of existence. To adorn the eyes of passers-by, leave their imprints of their passage, like a ghost from the past. We could see their stripes and veining accentuated by the brightness of this cloudy sky on a beautiful January afternoon. The bright ocher that they offer us, slices against a background of greyish branches and whitish freshly fallen snow.

The curiosities of nature and the daily routine are for me subjects to be immortalized. It's my world upside down and upside down. Me, simple dyslexic without much education, the images of my words have become over time to capture the passage of my life that I share, like a book or a simple documentary by Robert Séguin on this earth.

"Bric-À-Branches" TE/NAT/005

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