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Blog #037 "Aquarelle à l'huile" / "Oil watercolor"

Published on 17/01/2021

"Aquarelle à l'huile" / "Oil watercolor"

On Grand Manan Island, in a small seaport, the title is inspired by a trace of oil on the water. Which explains my title, between the impossible mixture between water and oil.

I was observing the boats, looking for curiosities, everyday uses of sailors, between the trawlers and the trammers moored to the quays, leaning towards the waves, a fuel leak caught my attention. With the brightness of a sunny afternoon, the patterns danced intertwined among the shadows of the hanging nets.

Like an abstract painting, it is a funny situation to admire artistic pollution, like an applause to soil nature, to marvel at these unusual beauties that this situation offers us.

BA/DIV/002  "Aquarelle à l'huile" / "Oil watercolor"  


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