Blog #047 "I Will Survive"

Published on 23/01/2021

"I Will Survive"

Photo taken on the edge of a lake, during a swim on a small improvised beach in the forest in the Laurentians. During a walk, stretching the time between swimming and rest in the sun, on a tree trunk lying on the ground, dead and in advanced decomposition, a sign of Life, an impetus to be reborn, to be transmitted. A new regrowth of dazzling greenery, it had even put red borders to charm my Eye, like a lighthouse, a magnet, a trap. Without knowing it, without even imagining, that his title would bring hope. Mother Nature in harmony with Earth, Air and Water, The Trinity.


''Black Eye'' Series is printed on PREMIUM ARTCHIVAL paper for high quality reproduction, acid-free for longer life with pigmented inks. Frame made of charcoal black stained Canadian ash. Ready to be installed.  Sizes: (12"x10"x2") - (30cm x 25cm x 5cm)

Handcrafted in Canada