Frame Art : "FLEUR D'O" , Photo by Robert Seguin

Sku: BE/NAT/005

Frame Art : "FLEUR D'O" , Photo by Robert Seguin

Sku: BE/NAT/005
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Looking for an aquatic floral theme?

Look at this beautiful yellow water lily!

A dramatic light scene!


Canadian solid ash wood frame

Sizes: (10 "x12" x2 ") - (25cm x 30cm x 5cm)

Signed: ©Click:Robert Seguin MAA
Handcrafted in Canada


"FLEUR D'O": Natural Sensuality on Black Velvet

A past memory of another generation of a permissive cinematic revolution.
Histoire d'O is a Franco-German-Canadian film directed by Just Jaeckin, released in 1975.
A ray of sunshine shoots out from the deep blacknesses, to release the scents of flowers unfurled with sweet natural pleasures

This large yellow water lily, was in the swamp on a friend's backyard, the natural lighting was ideal, the flower also open to ripening, a few pearls of water remaining from the storm that had just passed, just a small spot of green and a floating stem to distract and frame the star. And this dark, dark background, like a museum velvet, serving as a support to accentuate the almost electric yellow light.

I do not have a specific subject that fascinates me more than another, but to look at it with curiosity, to try to highlight the winks of life, what attracts, which presents itself unexpectedly, I Click it, polish it and present it to you.

OFFER YOURSELF A  ©Click:Robert Seguin MAA