Frame Art : "Roi et Reine/ CheckMate" , Photo by Robert Seguin

Sku: BE/DIV/003

Frame Art : "Roi et Reine/ CheckMate" , Photo by Robert Seguin

Sku: BE/DIV/003
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Are you looking for a romantic work ?

Let's charm by the softness of this work !

A black and white, a message of love, a success by playing a game !

''Roi et Reine'' / ''CheckMate''

Canadian solid ash wood frame

Sizes: (12" x 10" x 2") - (30cm x 25cm x 5cm)

Signed: ©Click:Robert Seguin MAA
Handcrafted in Canada

''Roi et Reine'' / ''CheckMate''

 Playing game of Love, 

Queens and Kings rules, 

from Bishops to pawes, 

life is a game. 

©Robert Seguin

Here is the love story behind the taking of this photo. I very rarely take specific orders and even more rarely do studio photos, but when I am offered a challenge and I have freedom to create and concept, then I accept.

Roi et Reine / King and Queen, is an order from a good client who wanted to give one of my photos as a wedding gift. But what subject to propose?

I first asked him to describe to me the happy newlyweds to become, and his first reaction was: "as soon as they have free time, they play chess" .... Tadam .... I said to my client: "I will get back to you with a proposal quickly.

I knew I had a little chess set somewhere in the children's toys. Yes, a sober game with plastic pawns, which is more ordinary. But the magic at work. Placed on the dining room table, with a simple little lamp, but the concept was to place the Queen's head on the King's shoulder.

OFFER YOURSELF A  ©Click:Robert Seguin MAA


Here is another version made according to your needs.

Printing on brushed metal and positioned on an aluminum plate.