Frame photo : "The RunWay", by Robert Seguin

Sku: BA/NAT/002

Frame photo : "The RunWay", by Robert Seguin

Sku: BA/NAT/002
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'' RunWay ''  

Canadian solid ash wood frame

Sizes: (10 "x 12" x 2") - (25cm x 30cm x 5cm)

Signed: ©Click:Robert Seguin MAA
Handcrafted in Canada


Gone on an endless path, 

without destiny, without a way out, 

just go to go To seek, to be dazzled, 

to discover, gone on an endless path, 

this is my destiny, my outcome. 

©Robert Seguin         

"The RunWay"   (Blog #044)

The inspiration behind this title, is a comparison between an airport take-off runway and a path to another departure.

A road, a path, is always a journey out of its home port, another possibility of encounters, discoveries and openness to difference.

This dark path, almost monochrome, with an opening towards the heavens, a road without electric wires, without homes, only paving stones and this showy yellow line which is lost in the distance, like a ray of sunshine and reassuring hope.

This photo was taken during a walk in the Rigaud (Quebec, Canada), on a small secondary path, often more interesting and surprising than expressways. It is often on these ancient roads that we find the origins and beginnings of smalls communities.

OFFER YOURSELF A ©Click:Robert Seguin MAA