Unique pieces, my creations, my montages, my poetry, this is my signature, my presentation, my madness, what inspires me, what stops time, what I am, my simple life ...

©Click:Robert Seguin"Wall m'art" is my series where I present unique pieces, original montages of my Clicks accumulated over more than 50 years of artistic journey.

During my exhibitions, I always create a poster, so for this one, I had to have a bilingual title and an idea of a mishmash of the various works to be presented. What could be better than a nod to a well-known banner which, with a simple play on words, identifies "a wall of art" in both languages!

What characterizes this series and the pinnacle of my Art that I like to call them my "Trio McBob": 1: My Eye by the photo, 2: My Montage with either metal, cement, wood, etc. and 3: Mes Mots Dits Mots de Tête, my poems, my emotion that the atmosphere inspires in me.

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