Art Mural "Ferrures Urbaines" photo de Robert Séguin

Art Mural "Ferrures Urbaines" photo de Robert Séguin

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This series offers you unique works by Robert Séguin, known for his Eye, his written Emotions and his presentation Montages.

These are works of caliber that can be found in art galleries and in private collections.
This one from my period "Wooden"

"Ferrures Urbaines"  /  "Urban fittings"    

"Exclusive Click" series, Contact me for delivery details.    

Printed under acrylic with Epson pigmented high quality ink 24 "x 16" (61cm x 40,5cm).

Positioned on a 36 "x 24" (91,5cm x 61cm) stained "Ebony" wooden Russia birch panel

With metal signature and certificate of authenticity included.

Handcrafted in Canada  

"Ferrures Urbaines"  /  "Urban fittings"      (Google tranlate)  

Emblematic image of a prolific past,

Between two shores shares nostalgic memories, 

Of iron and know-how,

A proud people still exist.

The wear and tear sets in slowly,  

Like a wound, like a lament.

Would I still be here one day,

Me a simple troubadour of poetry?  

     ©Robert Séguin

"Ferrures Urbaines".....FULL METAL, A bridge between generations

A reflection between "Ferrures Urbaines (Urban fittings)" and Full METAL ..... it doesn't matter .... there is a Bridge to cross between all these generations of Urban to METAL ....

In the past, it was normal to live in the same place all your life ..... and one day the Bridges arrive ..... life changes like a crossing in time ..... like a distance and a closeness with nature almost forgotten. Man and changes, of way of life, just like Urban music and Metal music ..... So goes Life, Progress and the Times that pass ...

In this photo, the Jacques Quartier bridge located in Montreal, use to be the Amblematic symbol of this City, just like Paris has its Eiffel Tower and Rome its Colosseum .... I said that it was the symbol from 1930, replaced in 1976 by the Olympic Stadium and recently by the Five Roses flour silos ..... The more things change, the more they are the same .. .. From Urban to METAL.

Jacques Cartier in 1534, was the first European to take possession of the territories of North America and the first explorer to travel inland ..... another comparison, a metaphor between the Sedentary and the Nomad. ......

Between Two Worlds of Urban Fittings and FULL METAL ........