"Coin Notre-Dame et Panet" / "Corner of Notre-Dame and Panet"

"Coin Notre-Dame et Panet" / "Corner of Notre-Dame and Panet"

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"Coin Notre-Dame et Panet" / "Corner of Notre-Dame and Panet"

Art on your wall by Robert Séguin, a small, affordable and high-quality photo montage.

Series: "Black Eye" !!!! a wink, a pun on my Art, my Madness, my Universe.

Black: for the black outline and Eye: for my eye in the center ... all accompanied by a written emotion, like a punch in the face ...

This magnificent artwork is made using only the highest quality products in the industry.

An art gallery piece, printed with Epson Inkjet pigment inks, on PREMIUM ARTCHIVAL Museum matte paper, providing a very high quality reproduction.

"Coin Notre-Dame et Panet" / "Corner of Notre-Dame and Panet"

"Exclusive Click" series, Contact me for delivery details.    

Printed under acrylic with Epson pigmented high quality ink 22 "x 14" (61cm x 40,5cm).

Positioned on a 30 "x 30" (76cm x 76cm) stained "Ebony" wooden Russia birch panel

With metal signature and certificate of authenticity included.

Frame made of charcoal black stained Canadian ash.
Ready to be installed. 

Signed: © Click Robert Séguin
Handcrafted in Canada

"Coin Notre-Dame et Panet" .....Passent, Passes, Passe, Pas.......

"Corner of Notre-Dame and Panet"

Let me explain one of my visual approaches to you, when I have to travel by car, and this normally accompanied by my wife, she takes great pleasure in driving, allowing me to capture nano seconds of my life.

On this one, I had the impression that I photographed a condemned man leaning against the foot of the wall like a people to be rifled .......The traffic light was there, just the first light coming off the highway, right in the heart of these missing neighborhoods.
I had often heard in my youth, a story that happend  in Montreal in a certain "Quartier à m'lasse" .......

So to allow Entrepreneurs to "Modernize" one of the old neighborhoods of simple, less fortunate workers in the East of Montreal, just on the edge of the river and its seaport, we decided to demolish everything !!!!!!! ! LIVES !!!!!!!!!

Here died in these neighborhoods: nearly 5,000 people uprooted and expropriated 678 homes, 12 grocery stores, 13 restaurants, 8 garages and around 20 factories.

I wrote this text a few years ago and today I still feel it even more present in our daily life.

"Corner of Notre-Dame and Panet".        (Google translate)

The Faubourg à m’lasse has also disappeared,

We cement our origins in folklore,

The pride of belonging is languishing under the piastre,

Our communities are fading under the weight of GOLD,Stop, 

Moderate, Go, order the healing fires,

We elected a  Governe et Ment …………………             

©Robert Séguin

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