"J'était ailleurs..! Mais où...?"

"J'était ailleurs..! Mais où...?"

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"I was elsewhere ..! But where ...?"

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Acrylic print (¼") 13 ½" x 18". Positioned with metal pins on a panel24 "x 36" Espresso Stained Wood. With metallic signature and certificate of authenticity.

"I was elsewhere ...! But where…?"     (Google translate)

The cold of February intoxicates me and I get lost,

My steps guide me in an unknown landscape,

Yet I was born there, but lost in my thoughts.

©Robert Séguin

I don't like to overuse software pre-set effects, unless they can be justified. In the case above, I created a reflection at the bottom, about two-thirds of it, to accentuate the curves of the winter branches. I also opted for a sepia effect to give it an atmosphere from another era. As long as the accompanying text, he explains that in this place I have always lived there, I find myself there regularly, but with this transformation, I lost my bearings.