"Two Shades of Green"​

"Two Shades of Green"​

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"Two Shades of Green"

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28"x 19" Acrylic Print positioned with pivots on a panel 48"x 24" stained wood "Secret Gray" . With metallic signature and certificate of authenticity.

Handcrafted in Canada

From my Blog #048


"Two Shade of Greens"

A nod to the work "Fifty Shades of Gray" by author E L James.

Two simple gallons of paint left on a shelf by the previous tenant, in the apartment that was to become my photo studio.

On a beautiful winter afternoon under a snowstorm, alone in my studio looking for subjects, and presto, this one is part of a shoot of elements who were in the apartment, a dozen good pictures are now part of my portfolio, I will present more soon. From the same series "Barré Solid", "Deux Trous Sales", "Poig'Âge".

In this photo, I wanted to put the emphasis on the texture and the shine of the luminosity, also visually accentuated the simplicity of everyday everyday objects, which for me become very current contemporary ART. In addition, to amplify their presence in an Urban atmosphere decor, I position them on my wood, metal or stone surface mounting, for they become Signed works ©Click:Robert Séguin

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